Bean Sprouts Growing Machine



The design of Bean Sprouts Germination Equipment is becoming diversified and can be categorized according to the sprout growing environment Large-sized green house is ideal for using Bucket and Bed Bean Sprouts Germination Machine. Large-sized green room can not only control the room temperature and humidity, but also install crane like sprinkler pipelines to choose the number and time of sprinkling through the control system.

When a small production demand is required and there is no green room environment, it is suggested to use Box Bean Sprouts Germination Machine. Box Bean Sprouts Germination Machine can be placed anywhere. The airtight design makes Bean Sprouts unaffected to the external environment. Besides, the temperature and humidity of the box can also be set.

Production capacity of Box Bean Sprouts Germination Machine: 50 ~ 500kgs / per day; Bucket Bean Sprouts Germination Machine: above 2000kgs / per day; production capacity of Bed Bean Sprouts Germination Machine: 2000kgs / per day.