Automatic Bean Sprout Machine

         We are professional manufacturer of hydroponic sprout system, integrating scientific research, product design, machinery manufacture, sales and after-sale service. We offer various types of top quality bean sprout machine from manual equipment to full automatic. Covering all phases of the growth cycle. Devoted to providing comprehensive and superior product and service, and specialized sprouting solutions for you.
      We offer a variety of sprouts growing and sprout processing machine. commercial sprouting equipment / sprout machine system, sprouts processing equipment.

      Mainly include: commercial sprout equipment, sprout packaging,Sprout Growing Machine, Automatic Sprout Machine, sprout processing machine, hydroponic fodder, hydroponic sprout machine, sprout dryer machine, sprout cleaning machine...etc.




The bean sprout machine changes from manual equipment to fully automated, automatic micro computer controller,has the advantages of time and labor saving.